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developing news right now in the east bay where a child has just been flown to oakland's children's hospital with gunshot wounds. friends and family are stunned after a student visiting home on spring break is shot and killed in san francisco. lawmakers may soon have a deal for a new sweeping immigration policy. what it means for workers in the u.s. and those trying to get into the country. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. we begin tonight with
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developing news in the east bay. we're getting word that a shot was shot in antioch this afternoon. our crew on the scene says it appears the child was shot in the stomach at a home on william reed drive. the youngster was flown to oakland children's hospital where we got these pictures less than an hour ago. the exact circumstances of the shooting are not clear. we will update you with more information as soon as it comes in. now to san francisco where police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a college student visiting family during his spring break. jade hernandez spoke with a friend of the victim and joins us live in the city. jade? >> reporter: heather, this family is grief stricken tonight. they gathered down the block. san francisco police have not released the victim's name but a very close friend of his told me that 19-year-old jacob was the young man shot early this morning around 3:00 a.m. you are taking a look at his picture. as he was coming home with a friend near 24th and bryant. police say a man drove up and
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asked jacob if he was in a gang and then shot him in the chest. outside of the family home this afternoon, we spoke to a friend who was was the 19-year-old when he was shot. understandably, he was too upset to talk to us on camera. but he told us his friend an archbishop was home from lewis and clark college. jacob was on break and headed back to school on monday to play football. one neighbor who has lived here in the mission for a couple of years, says this is a place he feels relatively safe despite being mugged a few weeks ago. >> this is historically one of the centers of the few mission gangs. so i don't feel like there's any animosity between them and the neighborhood in general. i feel like they keep to themselves. >> reporter: as for which gang the shooter was asking about, san francisco police are not saying tonight. officers were out here in the neighborhood this afternoon collecting surveillance video
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from neighborhood restaurants and market. san francisco police will only say they are looking for the shooter. jacob was on a football scholarship at lewis and clark in portland, oregon. all of this tonight ax the investigation -- as the investigation continues into his death. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. park police are investigating a shooting near san francisco's fort mason. investigators say they received a report of shots fired at about 9:00 last night. minutes later, the man with the gunshot wound walked into the pub and ghiradelli scare asking for help. the victim is in his 20s and from the heat bay. he was struck in the leg and is expected to be okay. so far, there's no description, though, of the gunman. in vallejo, a pickup truck flew off the highway and landed in a can an sending two people to the -- canal sending two people to the hospital. you can see the back end of the truck sticking out. officials say the accident happened on highway 347 near sonoma boulevard. the vallejo fire department
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says rescuers pulled two people from the truck. one man was taken to the hospital with internal injuries. the other man had minor injuries. the highway patrol is investigating a crash in san jose that left a man trapped in his suv. police say a man in his early 20s was on the alma street onramp approaching southbound highway 87 around 3:00 this morning. the suv hit the center divide an flipped onto its side. firefighters had to get the man out through the windy shield. the driver was taken to the hospital. the highway patrol is looking to see if alcohol or distracted driving was a factor in the crash. we're learning that a tentative deal is in place that could pave the way for a sweeping immigration reform bill in the u.s. senate. a source says representatives from labor and business agreed on a framework for a new visa program for low-skilled workers. the workers could fill jobs for construction, hotels, nursing homes. the visa program would allow 200,000 workers per year in.
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workers would get the same wages as u.s. citizens and they would be able to change jobs and they could seek permanent residency. the bill could be introduced the week after next. dozens of police officers descended on an em cerrito elementary school this morning but -- el cerrito elementary school this morning but it was just a drill. this morning three bay area police departments used castro elementary school to train for a scenario where an active shooter is on the campus. el cerrito, nova doe and contra costa officers learned to work together in worst-case scenarios. >> this training is something we've been taking part in since columbine. ' our agency grows and new officers come in, it's important that we continue the training. >> they say the training is the key component of the year-long focus on preparing for any active shooting situations in the community. governor jerry brown has issued 65 pardons on this day
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before easter. most were given to people convicted of selling or possessing drugs. but one convicted murderer was also pardoned. governor brown says all of those pardoned finished serving their sentences more than ten years ago and had not been in trouble since being released from prison. this is the second time the governor has announced pardons the day before a major christian pardons. for a list of the pardons go to our website. authorities say two bay area men are suspects in a heist of more than a million dollars in gold nuggets. the sis cue county sheriff's office issued warrants for these two mean, david johnson and scott wayne bailey of el sobrante yesterday. we showed you surveillance video of the break-in back in february of 2012. officials say the thieves stole gold, jewelry and artfy tacts from the -- artifacts from the historic collection at the county courthouse.
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detectives uncovered additional items in a search here in the bay area. spring showers are falling over the bay area. for some, it was a partly cloudy, muggy day. for others, a few scattered showers even a little bit of thunder and lightning reported over parts of the north bay. take a look at thunderstorm stormtracker2, i see light rain falling over the delta. i want to get into where it's heaviest right now along the peninsula seeing a few cells that are moderate. we're looking at light rain to moderate rain falling along highway 101 from san mateo through palo alto and if i slide north a little bit, this cell was over san mateo a little while ago and now it's over south san francisco getting ready to move into daly city. light rain falling over pacifica, montera, the sunset district, and we will continue to see those bands of showers move in as we get into the evening hours. want to back it up. notice that beautiful amount of rain off the coastline but i expect it will stay to the north because that's pretty much what we have seen and this
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is why. if i back it up a little bit more, this offshore system continues to send the band sort of in a from south to north direction. but this storm is going to move right over the bay area and it's going to happen on easter sunday. as it moves in closer, it's going to continue to bring us the showers. it's going to even bring the threat of thunderstorms. when i come back, i'm going to show you what you can expect for tonight and i will run you through the time line of your easter sunday and i will have your temperatures as well. >> thank you. the sound of clippers and scissors filled the lobby of oakland's children's hospital today as several people got a very close shave all for a good cause. it was the annual saint ball trick's fund-raiser with all of the money raised going to help children with cancers. organizers say a bald head is a powerful support for those who lose their hair to cancer. >> we have volunteers competing, to see who can raise the most money.
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we've had a couple of fire departments and police departments and i know that alameda and oakland fire and alameda and oakland police were really neck-and-neck there for a while. not sure who is ahead yet. >> last year event raised $180,000. organizers say they are on track to beat that amount and reach this year's goal of $250,000. in the south bay today, an motional unveiling of a vietnam memorial honoring soldiers. john sasaki was there where hundreds paid to pay respects for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: all the way over to xavier, this new memorial holds the nails of the 142 sons of san jose who paid the ultimate price during the vietnam war. hundreds game together near hp pavilion to honor the men from san jose who died in vietnam. a dramatic tribute, a helicopter flew over the new vietnam memorial.
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one of those who died was 20- year-old kenneth dahl his sister was here and honoring her brother and jason hall. p who was killed on -- hall, who was killed on 911. >> i'm so proud of them. i miss them. so proud of their service to our country. >> happy to see it, as a vietnam veteran myself, it's important to honor those who served during the era. >> there has been a steady stream of people stopping by to pay attention to, to honor and really appreciate the message here at this memorial. live in san jose, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. it's a service held for centuries at the vatican but pope francis is making some changes as he presides over his first easter vigil. definitely east. definitely east. get away from the ocean. >> see how san francisco
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officials are teaching residents what to do in case of a tsunami. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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♪ pope francis today marked the solemn easter vigil with the service at the vatican. vigil reflects the period between the crucifixion and the rise on easter sunday. he reduced the length of the service from three hours to two and a half. tomorrow pope francis is set to deliver his first easter mass before thousands of worshipers at st. peter's square. ♪ >> earlier today, people from all over the world attend the
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easter vig -- east vigil in jerusalem. the church has been an important pilgrimage and is considered the holiest christian site in the world. president obama wished americans a joyful easter and passover in his weekly address today and reflected on his faith. >> this weekend, michelle, ma lela, sasha and i will join christians around the world to celebrate the resser eckdz of jesus -- resurrection of jesus christ. >> he said the easter and passover holidays give millions of people a chance to slow down and recommit themselves to their beliefs. on monday, they will hold the easter egg roll on the south lawn. more than 35,000 people will join the first family. doctors in south africa say nelson man dem law is -- mandella is breathing more eavesy tonight. a government spokesperson confirmed he was suffering from pneumonia. he was admitted to a hospital wednesday and underwent a
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procedure to join fluid from around a lung. the nobel peace prize winner has a history of respiratory problems stemming from his 27 years in prison for fighting. in san francisco, emergency officials took a walk to raise awareness of a danger of a tsunami hitting our shoreline. allie rasmus is live with more. >> reporter: well, we're on 45th avenue. if you take a look behind us, we're on a bit of an incline. there's a slight distance from here to the ocean. we're just four blocks away from the beach. but we're here -- but here we're safe. if a massive wave came crashing down on ocean beach, most people know which way they would run. >> definitely east. get away from the ocean. >> reporter: but how far would you have to go to be safe. >> as far as mapping out a route from here to there, i can't say i've done it or considered it.
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>> reporter: that's what the sign are for. >> any place in an inundation zone has the signs up so residents, neighbors and visitors know what to do. >> reporter: this goes from ocean beach to about 47th avenue. on the bayside, the embarcadero, pier and several blocks of the marina are included. in march of 2007, the last time the tsunami warning was issued, santa cruz took the brunt of the impact. >> santa cruz because it's closed in, you know, the u- shape it is much more vulnerable than we are. >> that being said, we want people to be prepared because you never know. >> reporter: if a tsunami struck the san francisco coast, you may not be able to call 911. >> because we're gonna be busy fixing water main, putting out fires. >> reporter: that's why the department of emergency management wants residents to rely on their neighborhood response teams. they are made up of residents who have gone through 20 hours of training to volunteer in a disaster. >> we might be able to do some first ad on light search -- ad
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and light search and rescue. turn off utilities. >> reporter: the recommendation is to be totally self-reliant for at least 72 hours after a major earthquake or tsunami because that's how long it may take for first responders to help you. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. we have an update on a missing woman. san bruno police say she may have been a victim of foul play. she was first reported missing on february 15th. she was recordedly heading to her cousin's home in san bruno. police say she may have been assaulted in san bruno. she's latina about 5'3", she wes about 115 pounds. next week lawmakers will take up a bill that could make it easier to fire teachers accused of misconduct. joan buchanan introduced this bill. it would also speed up the
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appeals process after a teacher is fired. california's largest teacher's union is backing the measure. they fought a similar proposal last year that would have given districts the power to resolve dismissal disputes. this would allow a panel ch of teachers and a judge to resolve disputes. if you plan on going shopping you might want to do it this weekend because come monday the sales tax is going up in 24 cities. the sales tax will be 9.5%. shoppers in marin, san mateo and santa clara counties will also see the sales tax go up. these new increases are in addition to the proposition 30 statewide sales tax increase that went into effect on january 1st. musicians from the san francisco symphony will perform a free concert tonight as negotiations continue in their ongoing strike. ♪ >> this video is from their rehearsal yesterday.
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the musicians went on strike on march 13th in a dispute over pay and benefits. several concerts have been canceled. preshow tonight starts at 8:00 at the temple sharise israel on california street in san francisco. thousands of kids in oakland spent the day hunting for easter eggs. oakland parks and recreation sponsored the egg hunt. 7,000 plastic eggs full of candy were hidden. the event is run mostly by volunteers. >> we have community members here that care. we have a large population here over 3,000 people in the park where there's no problems. there are no violence. , is getting a -- everybody is getting along. >> as you see here, there's a bouncehouse for the kids to play in. in addition to all of the easter eggs, some kids received bicycles and skates. a lot of sunshine out there for the kids today but what about tomorrow and a lot more people will be out looking for
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eggs. today was the better day to do the hunt. we'll have breaks tomorrow. but tomorrow will be the wetter day. that system offshore is going to eventually slide right across the bay area. that's also going to bring the threat of thunderstorms. giving you a look at the gloomy start over and from ktvu, you can see we've got a lot of overcast sky, a few scattered showers reported in parts of peninsula. edmont, along the i showed you light to moderate rain falling. we're looking at widely scattered showers through the north bay, parts of the peninsula and now the east bay. let's start in the east bay where light rain falling. oakland, hayward may be seeing a few scattered showers, union city, down no into -- down into fremont, seeing some light rainfall, sunnyvale, palo alto, the peninsula looks fairly wet. so light rain, perhaps a few moderate cells falling there. as we get into san francisco right there along the sunset district light to moderate rain
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beginning to fall as well. so the band is continuing to shift inland. we're not finished with this system. in fact, it's going to be with us for the next 36 hours or so. still, 300 miles offshore it will be drifting closer to the coast over the course of tonight and into tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon, it's sliding right over the bay area and that will help to destabilize the atmosphere. so we heard a little bit of thunder, a few lightning strikes over the bay. tomorrow will be the better shot. let me run you through the next few hours. so we have scattered showers, we roll by through the evening hours if you are going to be out and about tonight, maybe carry the umbrella just in case. we start out tomorrow, mostly dry. the models have been shifting. time and time again. so i'll be here tomorrow morning. tune into ktvu first thing in the morning. we'll have the latest. scattered showers in the forecast at noon. scattered showers in the forecast at 2:00. system begins pulling through. we're still with scattered showers at 5:00 in the
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afternoon. in fact, it's gonna continue all evening long. here we are into 10:00. we're still with scattered showers. maybe even a lingering shower monday morning but we'll worry about that later. in a nutshell, showers, the possibility of thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow. rainfall totals, not a lot considering we're dealing with dreary weather now for a few days. anywhere from .25 to .50. 66 in oakland. 62 san rafael. a little breezy at times. that will continue through the evening hours. tomorrow morning we wake up a lot like today, widespread 50s and into the afternoon, mid-60s to upper 60s in the forecast. so slightly cooler for the afternoon than what we felt today. 66 san jose. the extended forecast, scattered showers tomorrow, clearing out monday morning and then we're dry for a few days. it looks like we'll get another chance of rain on thursday. >> thank you. baseball is back. yea! that means fans are heading to -- yay! that means that fans are heading to the ballpark. hello?
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the home of the san francisco giants is among the
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top-ranked ballparks in the nation. that's according to a survey from the travel website pnc park was at the top of the list with at&t park in second place, oriole park, third, boston's park fowrbllth and busch stadium in fifth. fans praised the view from at&t park and the food. and joe fonzi joins us now. he spends a lot of time at ballparks. at&t is beautiful. >> number one on my list. the next time you see the as or the giants on the field they will be playing in a game that matters. game three of the bay bridge series shifted to oakland where coco crisp had plenty of support. ryan vogelsong made one mistake with pitch, a couple of runners on. that's a three-run homer. 4-0 oakland lead. stayed that way until the 7th working the final four innings. bartolo cologne gave up a three-
6:27 pm
run blast. cologne got kiros in the night. the double play ended the game. the as make it 2 out of 3. oakland opens monday at home against the mariners. the giants head to dodger stadium. the ncaa turn has its first qualifier for the final four. president obama in washington to see syracuse and market. this game not a scoring -- marquette. this game not a scoring game. james sutherland muscling two off the board and foul. the golden eagles outscored by ten in the second half. syracuse runs the floor. brandon tish dishes to sutherland. sutherland leads them. they win it. they get the nets as a reward. ohio state against wichita state in los angeles. the shockers are leading 60-52 with inside four minutes to
6:28 pm
play. a huge saturday night in front of us. the stanford and cal women playing in the ncaa tournament. the warriors and sharks, also in action tonight. we'll have it all for you at 10:00 on "sports wrap." see you then. >> a lot to cover. thank you. >> sure. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, more on that developing news in antioch where a child was hospitalized after a shooting. we'll bring you all of the latest information tonight at 10:00. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time knees breaks. we're always here online at and mobile ktvu. see you at 10:00.
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